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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”  

Robert Swan (OBE - polar explorer and environmentalist)


South Africa has abundant renewable resources such as solar radiation, wind energy, hydro-energy, ocean energy, fresh water and plant biomass.

Furthermore, the insatiable demand for manufactured products by a rapidly growing middle class in South Africa is giving rise to large volumes of re-cyclable waste such as paper, plastic, leather, textiles, glass, metals, electronics, grey water, tyres, used oil, chemicals, food, bio-gas, etc.

The availability of these renewable and recyclable resources, that are relatively cheap and in abundance due to low levels of competition, create opportunities for entrepreneurs to invest in. Investment opportunities include solar photo-voltaic farms and solar roof systems, wind farms, small hydro projects, waste recycling, waste gas to energy, eco-tourism, aquaculture fish farms, etc.

Lindon Corporation’s NaturePWR Unit provides a turnkey solution to entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of the business opportunities offered in the renewable energy  and waste recycling sectors. Our turnkey solution includes the following aspects: 

  • Assessment of the renewable resource/raw material;
  • Determining the optimum economic size of a project;
  • Assessing the infrastructure requirements;
  • Identifying and assessing the optimum site options;
  • Determining the environmental compliance requirements and facilitating the environmental impact assessment;
  • Determining the human resource requirements;
  • Determining the best available technology options in terms of quality, price, efficiency;
  • Identifying key suppliers and stakeholder;
  • Developing the project configuration and process flow;
  • Developing the funding model
  • Developing the project plan and budget;
  • Identifying potential funding sources and markets.
  • Project management of the implementation phase of the project.

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NaturePWR©Lindon Renewables, a Business Unit of Lindon Corporation, was formed in response to the critical demand for cleaner forms of energy in Southern Africa and the need to replace conventional power generation with renewable energy solutions.